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Escaping Paris 2

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Player: You are player number 227055
Description: Paris is back in jail again! It is up to you to help her escape!

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User: summer

User: Anonymous
this game is up

User: Anonymous
so did paris get her dog?

User: zoe
i know how to play its fun

User: mary_jane
i dont get this stupid game

User: Anonymous
very good

User: Your_Name
its ok but how do u put stuff in food and the jammed doors

User: arya
the girl on the game is hot

User: Anonymous
this game is a crap

User: molly
how do you open the door?

User: Person
WOw that was easy Except i had to do it twice cauce i forgot to put the doll in my bed


User: Anonymous
i know how to play i won the game wow

User: Anonymous
How to play?

User: mariam

User: Anonymous
wow i really did it

User: habeebat
i wonder how to play this damn game

User: Anonymous
i finised this game in 3 minutes

User: Anonymous
This game blow chunks

User: Anonymous
this games stupidly easy

User: big_d
so easy

User: Jany
ITs a nice game and if you got a myspace add me

User: Anonymous
i like this game

User: keycatastrophie
stupid paris. giving up tinkerbell to a scary prison chef.

User: Milk
how to play ?

User: confused?
how u play dis game?

User: Anonymous
help me

User: Anonymous
its easy logic please 2 all player

User: Anonymous
i dont get it

User: LuMiEr
this game is awsome

User: Anonymous
this shit is stupid

User: Anonymous
i did it

User: belle
very good i made paris escape from the jail

User: Anonymous

User: Anonymous
Ahhh i m sooooooo stuck

User: cooly
this game is normal

User: Anonymous
ahhh... too easy... use the key to get out of your own room... not down the hole big hint

User: Anonymous

User: Anonymous
how do you use the key?

User: Anonymous
how can we used the key

User: Nad
Yay i did it but the dog thing was a bit gross

User: Anonymous
this game is so fudging stupid

User: stephanie
this game sucks so stupidly much

User: Anonymous
it iz so eazy. i finished it in 2 minutes

User: Anonymous
how the hell do you get meat? and use the things you collected?

User: Trizia
Yehey winned the game woohoo

User: Anonymous
ummm average

User: Anonymous
this game is very good

User: paris_hilton
wao............ it is quit terrible n paris will be very happy to see her in this game

User: stupid_girl
i escaped

User: anosha
i love this games

User: mephisto
this game is shit

User: Frederik_P
2 easy

User: aw
how do u use things uv gt

User: Anonymous

User: Anonymous
i like to play ur games

User: amelia
this is amelia 13 yrs

User: ritu
this game is a stupid game it should not e won

User: cutie
this is great and who dosen t think that go f K ur self in the bath room

User: loveable
this game is ok

User: babylove
this game is the best shit i ve ever seen... how will she escape if you can t open the door???

User: chloe
hey i finished the game in 2 minutes try and beat that hahaha

User: Anonymous
how do u like use the stuff u get??

User: vanessa_star
hi im vanessa

User: Anonymous
i cnt fukin do it i have gt da drugs nd all da fed da gal nd all i have left is ermmm poison a key nd a string or waeva it is called cn sum1 help me plz

User: Anonymous
i bat this game 6 times already

User: Anonymous
its easy just think 1 thing leads to another

User: zyy
quite good

User: Corast
LOL this was way too easy finished the game in 10 min EaSY

User: Anonymous
i only played this coz im drunk. and realised in playing this what a complete waste of time it was.

User: maisha
How do you get the meat?

User: Rohm
Comment I like playing the game.Its just that no welfare in the outside yet.

User: Anonymous
Comment I hope I have a job with these people. I like the escape.And the title.


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