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Player: You are player number 241974
Description: You are Genghis Khan and you want to build the biggest empire the world has ever seen! Your objective is to conquer other nations and expand your empire!

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User: Anonymous
itwas ok

User: Anonymous
way to tuff

User: Anonymous
Good but the first time it loads it takes forever

User: Anonymous
Fun game but takes to long to load

User: Anonymous
.....its ok

User: Anonymous
very fun game but long time to load....but it still okay.........

User: Anonymous
How do you continue the missions everytime I finish a mission I have to completely restart???

User: Anonymous
How do u continute after u beat one mission? It always restarts for me...

User: genghis_kahn
this game cool..

User: Anonymous
this game isnt hard you just suck

User: Anonymous
This is totally great.But even greater when u got the brains to winz lol

User: Anonymous
fun but it got boring when i won so easaly its not tuff

User: mitchell
long game never buy horses unless u can upgrade at least to a 6 and if u do dont buy only one buy like 4 to 8

User: Anonymous
why u all say load long? mine fast.i think the game is fun but tuff

User: Anonymous
whats the hell is tuff u fags

User: Anonymous
it takes less than a minutes to load

User: Anonymous
this game is great and i like it so much but it is boring when you win so easily .

User: Anonymous
one of the best stratagy games i ever playes

User: Anonymous
You need to pick the 8th mission if you want to keep continuing. when you first pick a mission it tells you how far you wish to take over the world. When you reach the limit you must restart. So if you want to play for a long time do 8th mission. That way you can keep going. Its pretty easy if you watch the terrain and what your men is best on along with leveling up... If you don t do both it is indeed going to be hard... But then again why wouldn t you level up when you have enough gold to do so...

User: Anonymous
fun time gets away from you

User: Anonymous
Its only tuff if you don t upgrade your dudes. If you do than its easy as hell

User: Anonymous
wahaha i use cheat engine..all my soldiers full max lvl

User: Anonymous
it a very very very very cool game

User: osama
its the best game ive ever seen but the first time its load it takes forever

User: Anonymous
Yo Hace tiempo lo jugaba y no entendia nada


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