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Player: You are player number 153829
Description: Another installment to "Bloons". Now with even more levels, balloons, obstacles, you are sure to enhance your Bloons experience!

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User: Yeah_

User: lewis
this game rocks

User: Anonymous
how do u get past lvl 18?

User: Anonymous
How u get pass lv 25

User: Tom
43 is cane. Any ideas? 18 is just coming off the black tiles through the gap in the bottom always use your first dart for this and repeat until you actually get all six cos it s a bit of a bitch and often leaves one after taking the pin. Then drop your second dart through the hole in the top one. P.O.P. 25 is much simpler. Take out all the jars then the left and middle pin balloons by dropping the second over the top then drop on the final pin with your last dart. Y know sometimes I amaze even myself xD

User: Ghadz
this is fun

User: Kate
i love the game but i really have no clue how to get level 18 done

User: Anonymous

User: Anonymous
ewwwwwwwwwwww this has disgusting things

User: Anonymous
level 36?????????

User: Anonymous
how do you pass 32???


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