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Player: You are player number 152230
Description: In this very challenging puzzle game, your objective is to guide your red square through the obstacle of blue balls in order to collect the yellow balls and make it to the exit.

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Currently Rated: 101068

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User: Anonymous
way to hardsy

User: Anonymous
I need a cheat to beat just a level not the whole game

User: Evantheawesome
Just keep trying i beat the game. Its not very hard if you stick to it.

User: Anonymous
this is har but fun how do u beat lvl 10

User: alec
how do you get past lvl 6

User: Anonymous
cnt get past 18

User: Anonymous
good but very stessing

User: Animaslayer
best i beat this game in is 205 without cheats PWNED

User: Anonymous
This is a hard game I couldn t stop laughing when I died in the game Great job to whoever thought this game up

User: Anonymous
I can t get past level 3 This game is hard and FUN at the same time

User: loody
i pawnd ths game......after 1042 kills P

User: Anonymous
way too hard cant get passed level 6

User: Anonymous
cant get past lv 10

User: Anonymous
To hard I cant get past level 2

User: Joshua
how do u beat level 27???...

User: Anonymous
cant get past LEVEL ONE

User: Anonymous
totally addictive but i gave up at level 6

User: Anonymous
man some of you guys dont know how to spoke

User: Anonymous
Comment idont know how to play this games but like to try

User: Anonymous
i hate this game its stupid

User: Anonymous
this is so freaken hard i cannot beat level 8

User: Anonymous
i hate it i cant even make it throw the first level

User: Anonymous
how to get past 27 ??

User: Anonymous
i have school tomorrow shame on whoever created this game so addicting can t get past level 10

User: RIP
good game but i cant get pass level 10 really HARD and FUN


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