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The Last Stand 2

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Player: You are player number 161612
Description: The Last Stand 2 - The sequel is finally here! Your objective in this action-packed zombie game is to make your way to Union City. Collect items and weapons along the way, find survivors, and more importantly - annihilate them zombies!

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User: Ole
Too hard. Only found 1 survivor in 2 towns and he died too fast long before barricades even were at 50 . Zombie soldier with weapon helmet and kevlar was invincible.

User: Anonymous
to easy i beat it 5 times

User: Anonymous
Its too hard why do they all have to run at you???

User: Anonymous
Game takes too long to load and the ending is as bad as the first one

User: fucking_hard
its inpossible

User: Anonymous
wtf it doesnt work for me eather

User: Anonymous
the ending in both suck balls

User: AngryGuy
Game takes forever to load. Then dosnt Start

User: Anonymous
its scary

User: Anonymous
seems to be a good game but...... i can t deside yet

User: Anonymous
try to relode XD

User: Anonymous
how do i start ?????????????????

User: Anonymous
my gun stops working sometimes

User: Anonymous
this game is too easy you just have to use your time wisely

User: Ric
The game is far too hard. Played it a few times now and I keep losing survivors to zombies running at them with weapons. Once you loose survivors it takes longer to repare barricade so you have less time to look for survivors. Shame really because it is a good game otherwise. Sort it out those that made the game so it is more playable.


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